Its that time of year when we feel the need to have a clean out but never have the time to do it!


Why not let Urban Cleaning Services take the stress off your hands by booking a Spring Clean .


Our Spring Cleaning services include a full professional deep clean to all areas of your premises from “Top to Bottom” , we clean every corner of every room, behind sofas, behind cabinets through to full deep cleans of Bathrooms and Kitchens including appliances, walls and doors…

You will be sure to notice the difference!


Prices start from just £9/hr*


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Regular cleaning reduces the risk of being sick!

Contact us for a free no obligation quote, daily office cleaning start from £10.95/hr and regular home cleaning services from as little as £12.50

Office Cleaning in Birmingham West Midlands


Reduce Staff Sickness and Absenteeism

Computer keyboards and office phones carry germs. It’s a well known fact that there can be hundreds of bacteria on a keyboard or a phone.

Daily computer care should be part of a company’s office cleaning routine and should include, as a matter of course, a wipe-down using a cloth dampened with a squirt of anti-bacterial spray, or using a moist wipe that will reduce the spread the germs significantly.

And, lets not forget the sticky fingers, flakes of skin, broken hair, dust, spilt drinks, food crumbs or dribbles and sneezes all work their way deep into the keyboard which, over time, creates more bacteria build up in to a potential hazard.

Office keyboards and phones are a primary source for staff catching colds, flu and sickness bugs.

You can easily reduce sickness absences in your workplace by having your office keyboards and phones included as part of your daily office clean.

“Cleaning the environment you breathe”

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